Employee Testimonials

With the culture of success in mind, Cleary is committed to their employees in striving to take care, respect, and make a difference in their worker’s lives.

Michael Waldera, AutoCAD Manager at Cleary Building Corp., mentions that he came to Cleary with no post-frame education or experience, and got promoted pretty early. “Cleary is a company that will reward you if you work hard.” Waldera went on to say, “It’s a great place to really expand your knowledge, expand your experiences, and come up with ways to further yourself.”

Cleary Building Corp. takes an honest approach with their excellence in construction and separates themselves from other construction companies by stressing the importance of their employee’s education, success, and career goals.

Cleary Building Corp puts honest, integrity and trust into their employees. As well as making sure Cleary not only makes a difference, but each employee makes a difference with their improving skills and procedures.

Justin Fluegge-Elmer, Level 1 Production Draftsman at Cleary Building Corp, says “I would definitely recommend Cleary as a place to work it’s very welcoming. Co-workers and managers get to know you on a personal level.”

Our employees are constantly tackling new challenges and working together to provide the best solution. Someone is always there to be a helping hand and encourage you to stay on top of your goals for future success within the company.

Steve Bell, Information Systems Analyst at Cleary Building Corp, says “You may be working on a task and have to divert to something else that’s more important but it keeps you on your toes. I enjoy the challenge and many other aspects of working at Cleary.”

Cleary takes time to invest in each employee and continues to bring out the best in each individual team member by helping form their own professional development.

“Here at Cleary Building Corp. they not only help you with your goals but there is opportunity to move up with the company if you are a hard-working individual,” Kelsey Philipps said. “My supervisors have talked to me about what my goals are, why they are important, and how to achieve them.”

No matter what stage of the building process our employees are in there is a sense of pride from beginning to end. Whether you are at the beginning stages of answering a client’s phone call or at the end of the building process there is something to admire about helping a client build their dream building.

"When I’m with my wife and kids I am pointing out all the Cleary buildings," Steve Bell, Information Systems Analyst, said. "To be like hey we built that. That is what dad’s company does. It makes me very proud."

We at Cleary Building Corp see the importance of each employer having pride in their day-to-day work. Whether you are part our office staff, or our field men and women, we make sure everyone is satisfied with their position.

Not only is Josh challenged with his day-to-day work, but he is satisfied with the ever-changing scenery that his position brings him, “You have to have a lot of common sense to you, because there are ditches, power lines; all kind of different stuff that you have to maneuver around,” Josh said. “What I do is challenging and I do something different every time.”

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