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Earn 3 FREE CREDITS towards your associate degree at Madison College for every 1 WEEK OF TRAINING you successfully complete as a Cleary Building Corp. employee!
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The chart below identifies the Steel Wood U training courses that will be awarded credit (3 per course) and accepted toward MATC programming. MATC course equivalencies are listed by Program entered, Course Title and Course #.*

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Training Course** Program Course Title Course #
MVP Small Business Selling Principles 10-104-104
Sales Academy Cert.
MBA Business Management Project Management 10-102-135
Supervisory Management Project Management 10-196-188
PhD Business Management Management Techniques 10-102-143
BBA Supervisory Management Safety in the Workplace 10-196-136
**Full Steel Wood U Training Course Titles: Maximum Value Pricing (MVP), Masters of Branch Administration (MBA), Professional Human Development (PhD), Better Building Applications (BBA).
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*Credits will be awarded to enrollment candidates who have successfully completed specified Steel Wood U courses and meet all other admission requirements. See above for details on MATC course equivalency and program qualifi cation(s). Program is subject to terms of Articulation Agreement signed by President of Cleary Building Corp., CFO of Cleary Building Corp. and Dean – School of Business & Applied Arts of MATC. Visit for admission details. Refer to Cleary Building Corp. Intranet for details on Steel Wood U courses and training. Contact Cleary Building Corp. Human Resources Department with any questions.